Electric Heat Tracing Application

Arctic Trace ® — Heating cable includes heaters designed for many pipe freezing applications. The versatility allows the heater to be installed inside or outside the pipe making the cable suitable for the freeze protection of:

  • Water Supply Lines
  • Sewer Outfall Lines
  • Water Supply Points
  • Well Water Supply Lines
Industrial Process Maintenance Application
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Process Maintenance
  • Waste Water Treatment Facilities
  • Food Processing Plants for Viscosity Control
  • Instrument Lines and Enclosures
  • Liquid Storage Tanks
  • Hazardous or Non-Hazardous Applications
  • Municipal Land Fill Methane Line Freeze Protection
Commercial Application
  • Water and Sewer Service Lines
  • Hot Water Temperature Maintenance
  • Arctic Pipe
  • Deep Well Freeze Protection
  • Parking Garage Drain Lines
  • Sump Discharges Pipe and Equipment
  • Roof and Gutter De-Icing
  • Sewer and Water Outfall Lines
  • Marina, Dock, and Harbor Watering Points
Residential Application
  • Water Supply Freeze Protection
  • Cabin and Cottage Water Supply Freeze Protection
  • Water Well Freeze Protection
  • Septic Tank and Sewer Line Freeze Protection
  • Snow and Ice Melting

Design Solutions

Water Supply Freeze Protection

Septic & Liquid Tank Freeze Protection

Sump Pump Freeze Protection

Drains, Downspouts, & Gutter Freeze Protection

Sewer & Pipeline Outfall Freeze Protection

Roof Vent


Submersible Process Heaters

Deep Well Freeze Protection