Manufacturing with Pride Since 1959

Arctic Trace ® — First developed in 1982 by du Alaska Company Incorporated Engineers, who had the idea of putting a temperature resistance wire inside a water service pipe located in the city of Anchorage. They reasoned if it were possible to put the heater in direct contact with the process, a great savings could be achieved with efficient heat transfer, cost reduction in installation, and increase the safety of personnel and equipment reducing the risk of fire or shock. Since then thousands of installations have been done and are still in use today.

We Believe in High Quality and Long Life

Arctic Trace ® — Design Engineers and Production Managers are dedicated to a superior product that exceeds all expectation when used in wet locations. All efforts have been made to create a product that delivers superior heat transfer and Long Life allowing for simple installation and ease of maintenance.

Heat Fusion is the Key to a Great Success Story

Arctic Trace ® — The first and only to develop an inline heat trace with a water proof heat fusion end seal that eliminates water infiltration from supply lines and the extreme pressures of deep well heat tracing. This superior end seal also eliminates general ground water seepage and moisture of any kind. The end seal is the only heat fusion type end seal that can be applied in the field, making fabrication and installation simple and cost-effective.

Engineered for Retrofitting Creates Huge Installation Savings

Arctic Trace ® — The first heat trace designed specifically for retrofitting mile after mile of traditional heat trace that has failed and not been able to last the life time of the equipment, pipeline and buildings it was meant to protect.

Design for Flexibility with Many Options

Arctic Trace ® — The superior selection of heater materials makes this the selection for engineers who have experiences in cold climate freeze protection including equipment location in Permafrost and Arctic environments.