Arctic Trace®    The Worlds First Submersible Heat Trace System

Designed for Inside Pipes or Vessel Freeze Protection



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Reliable process temperature control or freeze protection for every Residential, Commercial, and Industrial application


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Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Applications

Includes heaters designed for many pipe freezing applications. The versatility allows the heater to be installed inside or outside the pipe.

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A tradition of success

First developed in 1982 by duAlaska Company Incorporated Engineers, who had the idea of putting a temperature resistance wire inside a water service pipe located in the city of Anchorage, Alaska. They reasoned if it were possible to put the heater in direct contact with the process, a great savings could be achieved with efficient heat transfer, cost reduction in installation, and increase the safety of personnel and equipment reducing the risk of fire or shock. Since then thousands of installations have been done and are still in use today.

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